Difference between a PUMP & CHUTE

Difference between a PUMP & CHUTE

I daily get asked a few hundred times the difference between the two- Below is the difference explained

Pumping– A separate vehicle which holds all the pipes to then allow a volumetric truck which mixes on site to then pour into the hopper of the Pump, which will then pump the concrete through the pipes and into the designated area. The Boom pump has the ability to reach 26 m in height as well as a bit of length. If not using the height completely you can use more pipeline to run around the side of the house etc. Pumping takes no time at all (on average 10 m can be done in 30 mins) , a lot quicker than wheelbarrows, the only thing which would take the time is when pipes are coming on/ off to reach different areas.

Boom Pump Specifications

Pump jobs at work….

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What do you need?

  • Clear access- allowing 14 m roughly for a volumetric and pump to park up outside, allowing them to set up and pour.
  • A level area of hardstand, no over head obstructions (unless discussed with us prior to the job) , on which to set up the pump.
  • A bag of cement is needed to grout the pipes (1 bag) – we flush this through the hopper to stop the pipes from potentially blocking- so we essentially lubricate them. This will go straight into the area which you are concreting.
  • A sheet for the ground is also needed just incase there is any mess when pouring from the volumetric to the hopper.
  • Before the job is nearly complete if you advise the pump driver who will then stop pouring from volumetric- allowing us to clear as much as the pipes as possible making cleaning easier, pipes can then be quickly washed into a wheelbarrow and then poured into the footings.

How it works- start to finish, It really is simple 🙂 

  • Pump will arrive- discussion with customer on the best route for the pipes, and then set up will commence.
  • Any disclaimers will be signed.
  • Volumetric will arrive and back up to the hopper (pump)
  • Pump operator will grout the pipes to stop any blockages and commence pumping.
  • Where ground line is used the customer will need to move the pipeline as necessary.
  • Concrete is then cleared from the pipes before the job is nearly finished- allowing an easier wash out of the pipes.
  • If needed the pipes are washed out and then pump packed away.


Straight pouring using the back of the lorry’s Chute– The volumetrics are roughly standard 9ft wide so if the lorry can back up to near a pour we can straight pour into the footings/path etc making it easier and no use of wheelbarrows. The chute allows another 4/5m (depending on the angle of the lorry) of distance to be reached, with the concrete being poured straight from the back of the truck.


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Any more questions please feel free to contact me.


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