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Are you searching for a local mix-on-site concrete company? If you’ve been Googling ‘concrete companies near me’ look no further than Direct Mini Mix. For over 12 years, we’ve been providing outstanding quality products and services to customers throughout the county and beyond. We offer 24/7, eco-friendly services, are available seven days a week, and can offer FREE/ same-day delivery. Want to find out more? Then call us on 01305 819053.


Concrete is a rather versatile material that’s used in a lot of different projects. But it’s not something you’re likely to be familiar with unless you order it frequently. Therefore, knowing how much to order can be a little daunting. Order too much, and you’ll be left with a lot of wastage, too little and you won’t have enough to get the job done. So, when searching for ‘concrete companies near me’, it’s important to hire the right company, and that’s where Direct Mini Mix comes in.

At Direct Mini Mix, we’re proud to be one of the top local concrete companies; we’re particularly proud of our excellent product as well as our new mix-on-site lorries. And the best part is that all we need from you is a rough estimate, and we’re good to go.


Throughout the last 12 years of distinguished and reliable service, Direct Mini Mix Limited has built up a stellar reputation for providing customers with the highest quality ready mixed concrete in Dorset and beyond. It is of paramount importance to us as a company to supply and trade only the best materials to ensure that each customer receives the product that they expect from such a premium company. In fact, you can find out more about our promise to you and our impeccably high standards on our website.

For a complete overview of our impressive concrete pumping Poole service, it would be advisable to have a look at our high-definition gallery. Here you’ll find a multitude of images which demonstrate our second-to-none concrete capabilities. Do you still need convincing that Direct Mini Mix Limited provides the number one facility for concrete pumping in Poole?

If so, we encourage you to have a look through some of the most recent testimonials we have received from our plethora of satisfied customers who are happy to applaud our concrete pumping Poole service. We’re confident after browsing through their feedback, you’ll have a better and more concise understanding of precisely why we’re the preferred choice of businesses and residents alike for Poole concrete pumping.

Stop Searching ‘Concrete Companies Near Me’ and Start Calling

Start calling Direct Mini Mix today as we’re confident you won’t find a more accommodating or affordable service elsewhere. Our policy is a rather straightforward one – ‘no waste, no mess’. This means that you’ll only ever be charged for what you use – not a penny more. Most local concrete suppliers will charge part-load and/ or return fees, but not us!

This gives you the reassurance of knowing that you’ll never end up ordering too much, and because we can mix concrete on-site, you’ll never under-order either. From small domestic projects to large commercial undertakings, we can supply the right amount of concrete for any task. And because we mix on-site, we can whip the concrete up to your specifications. Next time you’re searching ‘concrete companies near me’, consider whether other companies offer this.

As for the benefits of concrete, well consider that concrete is one of the most durable, cost-effective materials around. It’s safe underfoot (concrete driveways are known for their anti-skid properties), low maintenance, and it’s even aesthetically pleasing. What more could you want? Yet more reasons to call one of the leading local concrete companies.

And in addition to concrete, we can also supply screed, perfect for applications, such as underfloor heating. Our screed can even be modified with accelerants or retardants to affect the curing process. Plus, fibres can be added free of charge to increase the strength of the concrete and help prevent cracking. The next time you’re searching ‘concrete companies near me’, consider whether any of them offer this as a service.


At Direct Mini Mix, we’re committed to being the very best and to being the first choice for anyone searching ‘concrete companies near me’. We’re confident you won’t find a more experienced or capable team anywhere else. Our passion for providing great-quality concrete sets us firmly apart from all our competitors, as too does our fleet of mix-on-site lorries.

With our lorries, we’re able to provide precise amounts of concrete for any project, tailored to the client’s specifications. No need to go back and forth from our site – just concrete on-demand, whenever you need it. To summarise one of the top local concrete suppliers, we’ve compiled a list of what you can expect from us:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Domestic and Commercial Services
  • FREE/ Same-Day Delivery
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Screed and Concrete Mixed On-Site
  • Eco-Friendly Service and Products


Googling ‘concrete companies near me’? Give Direct Mini Mix a call today on 01305 819053 and discover what makes us the top concrete supplier around.