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Concrete Delivery Near Me

Do you need to order ready mix concrete for your construction project? Is this your first time ordering concrete, and you’re concerned you’ll order too much or too little? By relying on Direct Mini Mix for your ready mix concrete delivery, you won’t have to worry about anything.   

At Direct Mini Mix, we provide you with the best quality of ready mix concrete, supplied with the fastest delivery and at the most affordable rate.   

As a 12-year-old family business that started from scratch, we know the importance of budgeting. Unlike other ready mix concrete suppliers, we mix the concrete on-site to guarantee that you get the exact volume you need and help you save your money.  

By choosing us for your concrete construction projects, you enlist the best delivery service for ready mix concrete in Bournemouth. Our experienced and friendly team of concrete specialists is here to make your concrete construction projects effortless. So, get your quote now, contact our 24-hour concrete service on 01202 737 733.  

Your Go-To Concrete Delivery Service in Bournemouth  

Direct Mini Mix is a 12-year project in perfecting the art of producing ready mix concrete.   

At Direct Mini Mix, we partner with the best suppliers to provide you with the best ready mix concrete delivery service. What makes us stand out from our competitors is the volumetric concrete mixer that allows us to proportion the raw materials and adjust the viscosity of the concrete on site.   

Another benefit of our mixer is that you may have your concrete wet, dry, and wet again, which means we can adjust the concrete mix to the changing conditions of the site. Many clients choose us as their go-to ready mix concrete delivery service for this specific reason.  

Another reason you’d want to rely on our concrete delivery service is that we care about your budget. We will never charge you for the concrete you did not utilise, even if you ordered more.   

Moreover, if your project requires screed with retarders, accelerants, or fibres, we have got you covered. Our vehicles are always supplied with additional stocks to ensure the fastest delivery services to our customers.   

To learn more about our ready mix concrete delivery services, call us on 01202 737 733 or continue reading.  

Call Direct Mini Mix now on 01202 737 733 to get your quote from the best ready mix concrete delivery service in Bournemouth. You can also get in touch by filling out our online form or emailing info@directminimix.co.uk. 

How to Prepare your Site  

To prepare your site for our concrete delivery services, you must first complete the following seven easy steps:  

To begin with, you need to dig to hard ground or create a hardcore base, then flatten it down. A perfectly flat base help us estimate the amount of concrete required for your site.   

Compact each layer of the ground till the surface is even. Note that if heavy rain has occurred, you should drain out the water from the soil.   

Next, secure sturdy boards into the earth to shutter the bases; this will prevent the heavyweight of the concrete from forcing the boards outwards,   

If the ground is moist or damp, the next step is to put a polythene wrap to keep water from getting into your concrete.  

Once done with these steps, your site will be ready for our concrete delivery services! In case you’re expecting frost, we advise you to hold off on pouring new concrete until the curing process is completed – since frost can cause concrete to fracture.  

Delivering Ready Mix Concrete for a Range of Project  

You may believe that mixed concrete is suitable for specific projects only, but concrete can be used for a wide range of applications, all of which are catered to by us.   

Whatever your concrete requirements might be, we are the top ready mix concrete suppliers you want to rely on.   

Through our 12 years, Direct Mini Mix has met the concrete needs of a range of clients, from large commercial enterprises to private residences.  


Concrete is required for landscaping projects, primarily for roads, pathways, and patios. When compared to block paving or resin, concrete is the most appealing alternative, but it’s also the most budget-friendly, efficient, sturdy, and durable option. In addition, concrete’s low-maintenance feature has made it most popular among other surfacing techniques.   

By enlisting our concrete delivery service, you can rest assured that your new pathways will last a lifetime. We work six days a week to provide you with the quality concrete that your property deserves. Our concrete experts can deliver up to ½ cubic metre of concrete for any of your domestic projects 


As a local concrete company, we’re proud to have half of our concrete orders placed by loyal commercial clients and thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations.   We even sponsor Bournemouth Poppies and Poole Town Under 8’s!

We can meet the concrete requirements of both large and small projects and provide you with the amount of concrete you need.   

At Ready Mini Mix, no request is ever too much to handle. So, if you need ready mix concrete, we’re the go-to concrete delivery service in Bournemouth!

We Answer More Than "Concrete Delivery Near Me" 

At Direct Mini Mix, your go-to concrete supplier, we know trust is gained by design and not by chance. This is why we’ve worked hard to provide you with the best range of ready mix services, including:  

To learn more about our range of services, you can keep reading or call our friendly concrete specialists on 01202 737 733 

Concrete Pumping  

Besides our ability to mix concrete on-site, our team offers an excellent and budget-friendly concrete pouring service. We use booms that range from 16 to 56 metres to accommodate any request related to concrete pouring, including driveways, slabs, bases, and footings.  

We can pump concrete over long distances and into difficult-to-reach spots because of our advanced machines. Concrete pumping is a considerably more effective method of transporting ready-mixed concrete across long distances since there will be no need for wheelbarrows.   

Contact the best ready mix concrete delivery service, and we’ll come up with a concrete pumping solution that meets your needs.  


Here at Direct Mini Mix, we have the best screed and semi screed delivery services on the South Coast. For every project we undertake, our team of screed specialists is devoted to using only the best raw aggregates.  

People have chosen screed as a final floor finish in many commercial and residential buildings. Thanks to advanced technology and innovative flooring finishing techniques, screed can now be produced in various colour finishes and refined to provide a stunning effect. As a result, screed is required in retail stores, restaurants, universities, and garages.  

Screed is also commonly used for underfloor heating because it can flow easily throughout your floor heating systems, making them uniform. The usage of screed improves the heat conductivity while also conserving a significant amount of energy.  

When you order your ready mix screed from Direct Mini Mix, you can ask us to add flame retardants and fibres to it. It’s completely free of extra charge!   

If you’re looking for a reliable ready mix screed delivery service, you know we’re the team to rely on.   

Sand and Gravel  

For some of your construction projects, you will need more than just ready mix concrete or screed. At Direct Mini Mix, you can choose from a variety of ready mixes, sands, soils, and aggregates 

At Direct Mini Mix, our goal is to make your construction projects effortless and provide you with a delivery service perfectly tailored to your needs. For this reason, we’ve partnered with reliable and expert suppliers to offer you a more complete and encompassing range of quality aggregates. Our ready mix materials are of excellent quality, and our delivery service is seamless.   

Place your ready mix order today and have it delivered to your site by tomorrow.  

Aggregates Collection   

Our services go beyond ready mix concrete delivery! We have a great selection of aggregates at Direct Mini Mix that go great with our ready mix concrete. No matter how specific your requirements are, you can count on us to be your go-to ready mix concrete service for all of your aggregate needs.  

If you need high-quality aggregates, no matter the size or scope of your project, look no further than Direct Mini Mix. Place your ready mix orders now with one of our concrete experts, and have them available for collection the same day.   

When you pick the proper service, the process of concrete or aggregates collection becomes the least of your worries.   

You can rely on Direct Mini Mix, the leading ready mix concrete supplier, to always provide you with the most affordable rates and seamless concrete service.  

Concrete Collection  

If you’d rather collect concrete yourself, you can now visit our local plant anytime and order the amount of concrete you need. Our friendly concrete experts will be there to assist you with your concrete requirements and answer your inquiries.   

Note that the minimum concrete load for collection is 0.3m³. To facilitate your concrete collection process, we’ve made it possible for you to pay in cash as well as all major credit and debit cards. Your concrete collection service has never been made easier! 

Contact the Concrete Delivery Experts

Look no further than Direct Mini Mix if you’re seeking the best ready mix, concrete provider. We specialise in ready mix concrete, so whether you need concrete for a commercial or domestic project, we have you covered. From ready mix concrete to screed delivery services and everything in between, we’ve got it all.   

Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation as the go-to close concrete delivery service in Bournemouth. Our ready mix concrete is of the finest quality, and it is prepared on-site according to our client’s demands.  

At our family business, you can expect a pleasant, personal service tailored to your ready mix concrete needs and backed up by 12 years of experience in the concrete industry.   

Call us now on 01202 737 733 to get your quote from the best ready mix concrete delivery service in Bournemouth. You can also get in touch by filling out our online form or emailing info@directminimix.co.uk.