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Are you looking for a company that provides ready mixed concrete? Well, look no further than Direct Mini Mix Limited. We use a concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers, that achieves the exact volume of mixture you require for any job. Due to the fact that we do the mixing onsite, you wont have to worry about having to order a second load. For more information about our services or to request a quote call 01202 737 733. 

Your Number One Choice for Bournemouth Concrete

Many suppliers mix concrete in a central batching plant and then deliver to your site, but this method can lead to incorrect volumes. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are about to embark on a project and you dont have the correct amount of concrete. By enlisting the help of our team, you wont have this problem as our ready mixed concrete in Bournemouth is mixed onsite. 

Our concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers, allows us to proportion the raw materials volumetrically and adjust the mix and strength of the concrete. The aggregate is firstly fed on a conveyor belt into the hopper, which is where the cement and water is added together. The contents are then fed into a screw auger. 

The length of the auger is 2.5 metres, but it can be extended at the back of the lorry to around 5 metres. There are many reasons why our method of mixing Bournemouth concrete is better than others. As well as being able to get the right amount you require, you can also change your mix back to wet should you need to. 

Our volumetric method for ready mixed concrete in Bournemouth allows us to provide you with accurate measurements. Unlike other companies, if we produce more concrete than is needed, you will not be charged for what you do not use. Keep in mind that our mixer can also produce screed with fibres and retarder, which are fed through additive tanks. 

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How to Prepare Your Site

Before you lay any concrete, you need to make sure that your site is prepared. As well as using a high-quality concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers can also seek our advice. With a wealth of experience under our belts, we are more than qualified to help provide you with the information you need.

The first step is to dig down to hard ground or create a hard core base and flatten on the surface. It cannot be underestimated how important it is to make sure the base is very flat because then you can calculate exact depth for your Bournemouth concrete.

Then, to prepare the area for your ready mixed concrete in Bournemouth, you should dig footings at equal width. The next steps are as follows:

  • Pump out rainwater if necessary
  • Use strong boards to shutter the bases
  • Apply a polythene sheeting beneath the concrete
  • Pour concrete to be laid and leveled

Why Choose Our Concrete Mixer, Bournemouth Customers?

When hiring a company to mix concrete you need to make sure that you choose one that has a wealth of experience. Thankfully, we here at Direct Mini-Mix Limited are well known for our industry expertise. With 12 years of trading and supplying behind us, you can put your full trust in our concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers. 

We are a family-run business so you should expect a personable approach when working with our team. As a company, we welcome requests from both domestic and commercial clients. Plus, our concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers, is available as part of our 24 hour service. 

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For more information about our services or to learn more about our concrete mixer, Bournemouth customers should give us a call on 01202 737 733. Alternatively, get a quote by sending an email to info@directminimix.co.uk or fill in our online form.