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Are you laying a concrete floor and are looking for the highest quality screed for use as a protective layer? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Direct Mini Mix provide the best screed Bournemouth has to offer. We only use the finest materials to make our screed, ensuring you get a product that will last. To find out more about our service, please call us today on 01202 737 733. 

The Highest Quality Bournemouth Screed 

Those who are laying a concrete floor often choose to invest in a protective top layer utilising screed. This is because screed is durable and has been designed to withstand impact, protecting the concrete flooring and ensuring it lasts longer. You will also find screed is great for insulation, which is why it is so often used as a top layer for cold concrete and floors with underfloor heating. 

However, screed is only as good as the materials used and the team that creates it, which is why you should come to Direct Mini Mix for screed in Bournemouth. We provide the very best screed on the South coast, utilising the finest aggregates and highquality cement. Our products are truly second to none. 

Our screed, Bournemouth clients, can also include fibres and retardants, all for no extra cost. Fibres can increase the strength of your screed and help prevent cracking, while retardants slow down the curing process, giving you more time to work and lay the surface. Plus, for a small extra charge, we can add an accelerant, which speeds up the curing process, enabling the screed to cure faster.  

When it comes to Bournemouth screed that is impactresistant, qualityassured and provides an excellent surface finish, Direct Mini Mix are the only team to call. 

Bournemouth customers, call Direct Mini Mix today on 01202 737 733, email us at info@directminimix.co.uk

Other Services Available 

Here at Direct Mini Mix, we are a company that provides a range of services for those in the construction and building industries. In addition to providing the highest quality screed, Bournemouth has to offer, we also provide: 

Regardless of the service you require, whether screed in Bournemouth, one of the above, or something else entirely, we can help. Simply give us a call today on 01202 737 733 to find out more. 

Why Choose Direct Mini Mix for Your Screed, Bournemouth Clients?

Welcome to Direct Mini Mix, a local family run business with over 12 years of experience in the industry. We are concrete pumping specialists known for providing the highest quality mixonsite concrete, but over the years, we have expanded upon the services we can offer our clients. Now, we are also highly regarded for our quality and affordable Bournemouth screed. 

At Direct Mini Mix, we understand that sticking to a schedule is important for construction and building projects. This is why we offer a free sameday delivery service for our clients, ensuring you get your product when you need it. You won’t need to worry about delays while waiting for your screed in Bournemouth with our service. 

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Call Direct Mini Mix today on 01202 737 733 to order our screed, Bournemouth clients. Alternatively, for more information, you can fill out our online form or send an email to info@directminimix.co.uk.