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Dorset-based Direct Mini Mix is second to none when it comes to customer service and stellar results. We are a family-run business who has been serving Dorset communities for more than 12 years. Our on-site mixing services are just the thing you’re looking for if you want reliable, affordable, superb service. Our lorries, operated by our specialised team of employees, will make it very easy for you to navigate the world of screed and concrete.

They will arrive at your request fully equipped with just the right amounts of materials, without charging you for under or over utilisation. Waste is not an issue when you are working with us, and neither are sneaky costs. You are only ever billed with the amount of material you use, but never for return or leftover loads. Screed supply is one of the many services we provide to our customers, with no fuss or hassle involved.

The Best Semi Dry Screed Service in Dorset

When it comes to screed services, it can be confusing for those outside the industry to navigate the bells and whistles of mixing materials. This is exactly where our team comes in. Leave it to us to seamlessly facilitate the entire process for you. Our on-site team are so skilled and efficient that you won’t even notice they’re there. Your materials will be delivered and applied with minimal disruptions to your work day.

Our screed mixtures are composed of only the best aggregates, ensuring that you get a high-quality finish. This, coupled with the best cement combinations we can find, provide you not only with an aesthetic finish, but also a long-lasting one. Screed is best used as a mediator for below-ground heating. The material will envelop the basic heating system of the residence, providing a sort of thermal cushioning, so that you can cut energy costs.

Screed’s conductive properties and rapid heating potential make it a highly coveted flooring material, especially in the colder areas. Ideally, it is laid under internal house floors or conservatory floors. The good news is that we can provide you with either fibres or retardants in your screed flooring completely free of charge! You just have to communicate your wishes to our contractors, and they will get the job done.

Fibres prolong the life of the screed and keep it from forming cracks. As for retardants, they extend drying time, giving contractors additional time to manipulate the screed into the desired flatness. And that’s not all! You have the option of adding an accelerant, which makes the curing process all the more rapid.

We will charge you a small fee, but you will see that it is definitely worth it! You will be able to tread on the screed floor a mere 3 to 4 days after the material has been laid, reducing the disruption to your normal home or work routine.

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    What Is Semi Dry Screed

    Screed is a flooring material usually comprised of sand, cement, magnesite, or calcium sulphate. It is poured on top of the main concrete structure to provide a smooth, raw finish. It is highly receptive, forming a base for your choice of laminate flooring, carpets, tiles, or parquet.

    Benefits of Semi Dry Screed

    If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality floor, screed is known for its minimally fussy installation, excellent heating properties, and resilient service life. Its advantage lies in the fact that it has accelerated drying times, as opposed to wet screed. Apart from being used for heavily used commercial surfaces, screed is becoming increasingly more popular for residential spaces, as it saves energy costs.

    Surface quality is also superior, because the raw materials themselves dry evenly and crack-free. This in turn reduces leaks. Floor screed serves as an excellent intermediary for different layers. It can lie on top of the foundational concrete, and remain a canvas for a top layer of paint or other coatings.

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    Where Semi Dry Screed Can Be Used

    Screed has a multitude of different purposes, be it to elevate the heating potential of home floor systems, or reduce the wear and tear of heavily utilised commercial spaces. Any floor surface that is prone to condensed wheel tracks, walking, or dragging may benefit from the mechanically insulating characteristics of screed. Not to mention its outstanding potential as a sound-proofing barrier and moisture controller.

    Internal House Floors

    If you’re seeking better insulation systems for your home’s flooring, why not go for a screed layer? It flows seamlessly around pre-installed heating systems to give you the extra heating layer you need. This way, you can drive down energy costs, and rest easy knowing that you’re opting for an environmentally-friendly option.

    Conservatory Floors

    It is common knowledge that conservatories can get very cold during the winter months. This makes floor screed the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory space unhindered by the low temperatures.

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    Why Choose Us For Your Semi Dry Screed?

    Our local screed lorries are a call away, delivering the finest floor materials at very competitive rates. You won’t have to worry about inefficient services with our state-of-the-art, professionally operated vehicles. We are proud to offer environment-friendly flooring solutions to the Dorset area, while saving costs for our customers.

    Not to mention that we do not charge for material disposal, only the amounts that have actually been used. We have countless clients who are more than happy to provide testimonials should you need them, and are also ISO 9001 certified!

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    Our company has amassed a reputation for its stellar screed services in the entire Dorset area. Now that you’ve become more familiar with what we can offer, why don’t you give us a try? You can guarantee speedy and professional service, within your area and your budget! We offer 24-hour service 6 days a week, with vehicles arriving on site within the same day of your call.

    Call 01202 737 733 or email us now, or get in touch with our friendly team of contractors via the form on our webpage. Request a quote, and learn more about the details of laying down screed flooring. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Trust us when we say that the results will be to your satisfaction, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now, tell us what you’re looking for, and watch as we deliver stress-free, high quality results.