Semi Dry Screed Poole

We at Direct Mini Mix are the leading concrete and screed pumping experts in Poole. We use the latest vehicles and products to provide our clients with the most reliable screed service. Screed is a thin layer made from a 1:3 or 1:4.5 ratio of cement to sharp sand. As one of its derivatives, semi-dry screed is usually less dense, making it attractive for sensitive applications.  

When a functional and accurate surfacing layer is needed, experts opt for screed instead of the coarse cement base. No wonder that semi-dry Screed is the most used surfacing mixture in the United Kingdoms for industrial and residential purposes. Screed is most commonly used internally to cover heating systems and thermal insulations.  

Discover the busy world of Direct Mini Mix and read on to learn how we can benefit you with our services. 

The Finest Semi Dry Screed Poole Has to Offer

We do not compromise the quality of our material nor the professionalism in our services. We use primary aggregates and choose our products carefully. Even more, we mix concrete on-site to keep the mixture fresh and strong.  

What is Semi Dry Screed? 

Semi-dry screed covering involves the traditional addition of sand and cement, typically in a 4:1 ratio form.  Screed is so consistent that if you squeeze the material, you will barely produce few drops of water.  


What Semi Dry Screed Can Be Used For 

It can speed up the heating process inside the house, unlike simple concrete. Also, it can be used for levelling up a rough floor in preparation for different kinds of coatings. It provides a sturdy base to build and elaborate upon. 


Internal House Floors 

We can lay down screed for internal house floors of any size or complexity since we have the vehicles for the job. Although semi-dry screed offers many benefits, working with it is tricky. Laying screed requires the thoroughness and expertise of our team.  


Conservatory Floors 

Conservatory floors are no different than any internal house floor. Semi-dry screed is extensively used in internal and conservatory floors thanks to its conductivity. You will find that working with us is very convenient since we own extra substances for screed and will advise you on when to use them.  

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    Benefits of Semi Dry Screed? 

    As opposed to flowing screed, semi-dry screed can be used as a faster drying agent, allowing you to accelerate installing the final intended floor finish. It is also a leak-proof material that is very cost-efficient and pocket friendly. Moreover, it is sufficiently durable and offers a high surface quality for your floor. 


    What Can Our Semi Dry Screed Poole Specialists Do for You? 

    We can add fibres and retardants to the mixture for no additional cost. Fibres prevent cracking by enhancing the mixture’s strength, while retardants grant you more time to work with screed. As their name implies, they slow down the curing process, or in other words, the toughening of the mixture.  

    Additionally, we can add accelerants for a little extra cost. Unlike retardants, they accelerate the drying process. Of course, our team will know when to use each additive, thanks to their extensive experience in the field. 


    Areas We Cover 

    Our services span beyond Poole, and include:  

    • Christchurch 
    • Longham 
    • Merly 
    • Queens Park  
    • Ringwood 
    • Westmoors 

    Among many other areas. Please follow this link to check our entire service area range.  


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    Other Services We Offer

    We also offer a wide range of other services including: 

    Check Out Our Screeding Work 

    We have made sure to showcase our screeds work in our gallery. Scroll through our gallery section to see the skills that would be involved in your next screeds venture. We offer one of the finest screed services in Poole, and our set of pictures stand as witnesses to that. You will come across images that showcase our friendly team, always smiling and ready to deliver! 

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    Why Choose Us for Your Semi Dry Screed in Poole? 

    Our specialists have been exposed to different design requirements and project sizes, and their problem-solving skills are second nature. We are fully insured and certified with an ISO 9001 for quality management. We take quality very seriously. We are also ready to respond promptly to your inquiries and worries, and our customer service is there to support you 24 hours a day, six days a week.  

    You only need to read a few of our testimonials to see how engaging we are with our screed clients on-site. Our friendly team can solve problems that other competitors have given up on. If you are still at a crossroad, check our gallery and testimonials to know that we do what we say. We will never stop until you are satisfied with your project.  

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    Contact our team at Mini Mix today to get an approximate quote for your next venture. Our team of seasoned professionals have collectively accumulated over 12 years in the screed business here in Poole, and they are the best people fit for the job of taking care of your new floor. We are committed to adding to our many years of experience in providing professional and satisfactory services that are best fit for all your screed floor needs in and around Poole.  

    Our agents at Mini Mix have a duty to help you see the best fitting screed package that would best suit your floor needs. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get the dice rolling on your new screed floor. Hit us up and call us at 01202737733 to get your first consultation and quote for your journey. Screeds setting is our business, and we do it well.